Let’s build a better Louisiana.

There is a solution to every situation. As your State Representative I will work hard to find solutions to build a better Louisiana.

Dana Dugas

Dana Dugas Is...

A Proven Leader

As current President of the Iberia Parish School Board and member since 2012, Dana knows the importance of being accountable with tax dollars. Just like bond dollars for the School Board you allocate funds for each campus and spend those funds accordingly. You use the taxpayers’ investment wisely and account for the dollars spent.


The only way to build strong communities and the state is through business and industry. “Louisiana needs to become more business friendly. The people of Louisiana want to work and provide for their families. They want to succeed and contribute to the betterment of their communities. We all want our children to have the opportunity to stay in Louisiana."


"As your State Representative I will continue to be available to hear your thoughts and concerns."


Dana Dugas did not allow the diagnosis of a speech defect at the age of three deter him from accomplishing his goals. He was never expected to be able to speak in front of a crowd. But, with his determination young Dana Dugas grew up to be a company owner, chosen to sit on the Louisiana State Board of Contractors, elected to the Iberia Parish School Board, and also elected by his peers on the school board to serve as President for two terms.

Dana will bring this determination to the legislature and work diligently for the people of District 48 and Louisiana.